FOSS list

Free and Open Source software (FOSS) that works on Linux (may also have builds for other platforms but aren’t guaranteed. Check the Wikipedia article and/or website if unsure). Many of these would be available in the official software repositories of your distribution, the links are provided for your information and research.

Office Suite (think MS Office):

LibreOffice Wikipedia, website

Web Browser:

Offline Mail Clients (think MS Outlook):


Instant Messenger:

VOIP (think Skype):

Project Chat (think Slack):

Photo Editor (think Adobe Lightroom):

Image Editing (think Adobe Photoshop):

GIMP Wikipedia, website

Vector Editing (for logos etc):

Inkscape Wikipedia, website

Drawing and Painting (2D):

Krita Wikipedia, website

3D Graphics Sculpting, Manipulation and Animation:

Blender Wikipedia, website

Media Player (think Windows Media Player):

Media Organiser (think Apple iTunes):

Audio Recording and Editing:

For Basic Everyday Needs:

For Advanced Use:

Video Editing:

DJ Mixing and Playback:

Mixxx Wikipedia, website

Audio Streaming and Broadcasting (for Internet Radio), think Shoutcast:

Icecast Wikipedia, website

Video Streaming, Recording and Broadcasting (for Twitch, YouTube Live etc):

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Wikipedia, website

Torrent Clients: